Alaska Fly Fishing Adventures offers Spring and Summer/Fall Steelhead fly fishing for Wild Alaskan Steelhead Trout starting at $275.00 for full day fly fishing charters per person. 
Our Pinewood cottage chalet offers comfortable clean lodging thirty minutes from the best Spring Steelhead river in South Central Alaska, the Kasilof River. 
Spring Steelhead fly fishing begins to turn on the end of March or first week in April, depending on weather temperature and water temperature trends.  Good to Great Steelhead fly fishing begins to build as Wild Steelhead Trout migrate into fresh water out of Cook Inlet to Spawn in the Kasilof River as the water temperature begins to warm up. 

Ideal conditions for excellent Steelhead fly fishing occur late April through May and September 1st through October 1st each year.

We see Steelhead continuing to migrate in and out of the Kasilof May thru June.  The fall run of Steelhead begins around the end of September and first part of October in the Kasilof.  Other streams south of the Kasilof experience earlier migration of steelhead as early as late July and August.  Those Steelhead Trout winter over in rivers until Spring spawning occurs.  Steelhead then migrate back to salt water after spawning through June.

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