Common Fish Keeping Mistakes

We do not blame anyone, we all went through these, and we all made almost identical mistakes. Ideally, everyone should take information before acquiring their first goldfish (or other breed). How to take care of goldfish, what is its ideal home, how to feed it properly, discover the basics of maintenance of a tank … but popular beliefs Combined with bad advice in some pet stores, often means that you start off on the wrong foot. We learn to take care of our goldfish over time, learning from our mistakes and communicating with enthusiasts who will advise you.

Mistake 1: Using a fishbowl

You should never keep goldfish in a bowl. The goldfish, which live on average 10 years, become big and grow quickly when they have the room to. Also they need a lot of space to swim around, so a fairly good length is needed. They also produce a lot of waste, which means that you need a lot of water to dilute their defecation and a large amount of good bacteria to naturally transform the waste into less harmful products. All this is possible only in an aquarium that is at least 20 gallons.  We would recommend using a good no clean fish tank for most species.

Mistake 2: Feeding Fish too much

Too much food and your goldfish gets hurt or dies. They digest food like birds, that is to say that they eat and then poop it out shortly after. The goldfish is looking for food all day, its main priority is this, and you could virtually give it food every hour. This is why you should feed your goldfish in small amounts several times a day a day, rather than giving them plenty of food at one time. Too much food can both cause constipation and bladder disorders. The goldfish eats a lot and it’s a bigger species, so it pollutes its water a lot. A lot of food, equals much more maintenance, water changing and higher disease risk.

Mistake 3: Too many fish in the aquarium

fishtankGoldfish need a lot of space and can dirty the water quickly. Therefore, be careful not to put your aquarium in a situation of overpopulation. The more fish, the more rigorous and frequent the maintenance. Remember 20 gallons of water per goldfish . Packed living conditions is often the cause of illness and death in the aquarium.

Mistake 4: Not using a filter, or one that’s small

An aquarium must have a filter that will run 24/7, it is the center of the closed ecosystem of the aquarium. As mentioned earlier, goldfish produce a lot of waste, which pollutes the water in their aquarium. The filter maintains a colony of good bacteria that degrade the fish waste to make them almost diluted completely. Sometimes we use a filter sold with the aquarium, but they are still not good enough for goldfish, the filter must have a water flow of 5 times the volume of the aquarium per hour.

Mistake # 5: Do not Cycle the Aquarium

This is a very common mistake in people who buy a goldfish on a whim, or who get a pet fish some other way. Most fish produce a lot of waste and therefore ammonia, which is very bad for them, it burns their gills. Fortunately, there are some bacteria, which can convert this ammonia into less harmful elements. Before you even get your goldfish, you must stabilize the biological “cycle” of your aquarium to build an environment of these good bacteria.



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