Different Species of Freshwater Fish

There is a wide variety of freshwater fish to choose from when you are creating and inhabiting an aquarium. Depending on the size and equipment installed some fish will adapt better than others.

For example, there are freshwater fish that can not live in a small aquarium like one of these nano sized ones. Oddly enough, some can not be alone in a large aquarium.

It is impossible to make an objective decision of what’s better or worse between the different species of fish, since in each one of them has its own function and beauty in an aquarium, in addition to that it is very important to have a balanced ecosystem. Anyway here we present the 5 fish species that we think best for a freshwater aquarium.

The 5 best freshwater fish for your aquarium

You can use this list to find new fish for your freshwater aquarium, or to start a new aquarium. You should keep in mind that not all species are compatible with each other so it is important that you check with the pet store before making your purchase.

Killis: These fish are very versatile, and can live in many different types of waters. Also these fish have no problem to live with other animals, and most predators will ignore them. With a great variety of colors, these fish are perfect to give a vitality to your aquarium.

Tang fish: These fish are small and colorful. These fish are ideal to keep company with other larger fish. Besides these fish are very resistant, as long as they do not undergo sudden changes you will be able to survive in almost any type of water.

Catfish: These fish will be almost all the time in the bottom of the aquarium looking for food scraps between the grit. These fish are essential for a medium or large fish tank, as it will help keep the tank clean. There are a large number of catfish, so no matter what type of aquarium you have, you will find a catfish that can live in your fish tank.

Rainbow fish: As the name indicates these fish are multi color, this is thanks to their large reflecting scales. These fish do not require any particular care, and with the correct light they are quite a spectacle.

Angel fish: These fish are social, and require having several companions of the same species to live, or if they will not suffer stress. These fish are very peaceful and if they feel intimidated it is possible that, due to the stress that we discussed, they modify their natural behavior and stop eating or moving and end up having a short life.

We hope this list has been a good resource to you if you are thinking of creating a freshwater fish tank. If you would like us to add some more species or want to tell us your experience, please leave a comment, we will be glad to answer. If you liked our work please share it on facebook!

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